More essential elements.






Picked up a couple of pantry staples while out tonight and spotted a miraculous full moon just over Mt. Wachusett on the way down-town. I’m super lucky that even though I live in a central Mass. backwater of 5,000 people I can still buy Caputo 00 flour any day of the week at a very good price from the local gourmet food store called “The Country Gourmet”.

I’ve decided to start learning how to use 00 flour in other things besides pizza crust. I suppose there are other things in life besides pizza so why not try pasta and cookies with it too?!  00 flour is very common in Italian bakeries and pizza shops; it’s more finely milled than what you would find on the shelves in the US and has a gluten level roughly equivalent to that of all-purpose flour.  Since 14-15% gluten is best for pizza crust like (what you’d get with bread flour), it’s nice to mix in some gluten flour or do a 50/50 mix  of 00 and other kinds of flour such as AP or bread. You’ll also need to cut back a tiny bit on the amount of liquid in your recipe as the 00 doesn’t absorb as much as other flours. It’s really an amazing flour to work with. Kneading a pizza dough made with this flour is like kneading a cloud made out of silk and the cooked crust is full of air and extremely lightweight  but sturdy at the same time. Only the Italians could architect something that is so contradictory, useful and sensual all at the same time.

There’s not much to say about the salt. It’s good salt. Salt is old, it goes in everything. The ocean, tears, pasta water. Use salt and eat. img_1048