A totally unnecessary pizza.

A friend give me a small crop of Delicata squash. A chunk of cranberry wensleydale cheese sits in the fridge. I’m not eating those walnuts lately and I meant to reach for the bag of spinach at the farmstand but it seems they put kale in its place.

This is how this “Autumn” pizza came together.

I stretched the crust and par-cooked it for about a minute; pulled it out and kept it on a cooling rack while I topped it in this order:

  • shredded Robinson Farm cheese
  • roasted squash
  • carmelized red onions
  • crushed walnuts
  • blanched kale
  • cranberry Wensleydale, crumbled
  • kosher salt
  • slathering of olive oil

Back into the oven we go to cook on the stone for about 5-8 minutes. I could’ve kept it in there longer but the toppings were starting to brown already.

The taste was good, but it wasn’t exceptional. It could have used a little more salt, or maybe some kind of sausage or ham or some more cheese. All in all a fun experiment and a good lunch! I’m writing this post from the basement, behind a stack of boxes, because if there is such a thing as the pizza police I’m sure they are on their way to my house right now.


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