Good Bread.

In Worcester today, knowing that my kitchen is out of bread for breakfast, and also knowing that I’m not in the mood to make any, I decided to pick up a couple of good loaves from Birchtree Bread Company.  Pictured in the top two photos is their Country Loaf.  I also picked up a square of Rosemary and Olive Oil Focaccia which is in the bottom photo. They make only naturally-leavened breads, in about a dozen varieties throughout the week.  They also have a small  selection of very good (and huge) pastries and cookies, a lunch menu, a toast menu and a nice selection of coffees.  I also just read they have a pizza night on Wednesday and Friday which I haven’t been too. Yet. The County Loaf is 6.99; considering it’s size, taste and likely nutritional content it’s well worth it! The chalkboard with the names of maybe 2 dozen regional farms that they source from made me feel good about spending money there as well. The place itself is spacious and there’s live music a couple of nights a week.


The Country Loaf is a light-wheat loaf. It just looks like 2 different colors because of the lighting in my kitchen…



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